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About Us

Company Background:

The Rocky Peak Leadership Center is located in the scenic hills outside Los Angeles, CA.  The center’s main office in Chatsworth is an open retreat that backdrops the rocks of the Stoney Point Outcroppings. Founded in 2010, the Rocky Peak Leadership Center has a wealth of experience in assisting individual and organizations in implementing new thinking methods.

We specialize in Leadership, Innovation and Organizational Change which are focused on Systems Thinking that allow you to embrace organizational challenges and problems with solution based performance expectations. These translate into world-class expertise in the development and customized solutions for our clients. 

We are living in a world that is evolving and changing dramatically. Your needs for Training and personalized Facilitation needs to adapt to those changes in order to prepare Leaders for the world in which they will live and work. The Leadership Center has developed an extraordinary reservoir of interconnected resources and relationships to advance organizational performance.

Our combined education and experience includes undergraduate and graduate degrees in the fields of engineering, design and business sciences. Our staff has held senior Leadership positions including current and former positions at Lockheed Martin, Rockwell Rockeydyne and The Boeing Company for-profit corporations and local youth leadership nonprofit organizations.


Our Commitment To You

We enable your organization to achieve better results by thinking and behaving more effectively offering services:

  • Consulting
  • Personal Coaching
  • Employee Training

We tailor our services to meet your needs.  Whether you work with us for a day, week, month, or longer, we work to improve your own capabilities so you no longer need us. By transferring our knowledge, tools and processes to your organization, you increase your personal effectiveness and organizational efficiency permanently.

Working together, we lead your organization through a strategically planned, systemic approach that aligns your resources in your organization with your objectives and strategies. This is accomplished through focus on the components critical to organizational success.
We enable people in your organization to:

  • Lead change effectively
  • Make strategic decisions
  • Effectively organize and plan
  • Manage “Thinking” better
  • Create an extraordinary culture, appropriate for your objectives
  • Take action for bottom-line success

Programs and activities are designed to:

Develop leadership skills and capacity through leading edge thinking concepts, personal thinking training, real life experience and the mentoring of senior leaders.

Connect people and new ideas across organizations, disciplines and neighborhoods to create powerful interconnected networks and focused energy that can take our community of practice to the next level.

Establish a solid foundation of knowledge, experience and understanding of people and opportunities, issues and ideas, challenges and positive possibilities.

Inspire our participants and members by providing opportunities and connections to get everyone involved, share ideas, have a voice, and take action that can make a difference.

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