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Privacy Statement:

The Rocky Peak Leadership Center is not affiliated with the “Church at Rocky Peak” or “Rocky Peak Church”.  It is a solely owned Los Angeles County proprietorship business by Dr. Dale S. Deardorff.


Intended Audience:

The Rocky Peak Leadership Center author’s writings can considerably reveal their Leadership and Innovation intentions. The approach of authors such as Dale S. Deardorff to his or her writing style is directly connected to his or her motives. One particular clue a reader has to discovering an author's motives, is the author's intended audience. Once recognized, the audience unveils multiple motives. It proves interesting to work backward, and by taking a look at authors' audiences, discover what these authors might have set out to achieve.

The intended audience of the Rocky Peak Leadership Center writers is of particular interest, because the author's intent invariably is to affect and influence members of that target audience in a particular way--whether this is to rewrite history, claim history, encourage social reform, or create fiction in order to build self-worth. The questions to ask once the intended audience is discovered are, "why them," and "what are the author’s trying to get them to think?" No matter what the motives of the author, these motives must be purported in a manner that is enticing to the intended audience in order to get their attention and engage their Leadership and Innovation thinking.

It is the job of an artist to manipulate the audience's senses to achieve a desired effect. Some may argue that a particular effect might not be intended, or that the author might not even be conscious of manipulation. Even if this were true though, an artist still has to expect, and accept, the responsibility of influencing the observer in some way. This is especially interesting because authors of literature, as well as historians and social reformers usually write with a particular audience in mind, and authors of both literature and history are extremely intertwined in leadership and Innovation literature.



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The Rocky Peak Leadership Center has created this privacy statement in order to demonstrate our commitment to your privacy.

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Dale S. Deardorff grants to any Publisher exclusive first publication rights in the Work, and further grants a non-exclusive license for other uses of the Work for the duration of its copyright in all languages, throughout the world, in all media.

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