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Mission and Vision

Mission Statement:

The Mission of the Rocky Peak Leadership Center is to provide personalized and impactful Leadership training and coaching for organizations and individuals that want to Lead the Future, Innovate, Embrace Sustainability and Create Profound Change.

Vision Statement:

The Vision of the Rocky Peak Leadership Center is to be a preeminent Leadership Center for the study and practice of leadership that fosters and sustains an inclusive, globally connected community of practices where Leadership is tempered by positive values, diversity of thinking, and unbounded courage.

Our Purpose: Leading Others to Discovery

At the Rocky Peak Leadership Center we're committed to Leading Others to Discovery. We see our relationship with our clients as collaborative journey. Together we strive to create profound changes, think forward, innovate, embrace sustainability, and lead the future.

Our Values:

In addition to our guiding principles of excellence, leadership, innovation, and community - the RPLC Leadership Center subscribes to and customizes our programs and services to reflect the following values:

Positive Sharing: We value the spirit of giving that is the heart of dedicated for profit and nonprofit work.

Integrity: We value strong ethics and commit ourselves to maintaining principled and professional standards for performance, resource utilization, and accountability in our work.

Customer Service: We endeavor to anticipate and respond to our stakeholders' needs with utmost respect and personal attention.

Inclusiveness: We welcome individuals from diverse walks of life with varying competencies and experiences who strive to improve themselves and move their organizations forward in a positive direction.

Life Long Learning: We strive to remain informed about current issues, trends, and best practices in the Leadership and Innovation fields and to model and encourage discovery, creativity, and reflection.

Social Engagement: We work collaboratively to fulfill our role in developing our community's strengths and improving the well-being of all citizens.