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Innovation Cube Survey:


Welcome and thank you for taking the time to participate in this ©Innovation Cube survey instrument. My name is Dr. Dale S. Deardorff, and you have been selected to help me with my Post Doctoral research program. I am working toward a further understanding of how key areas of individual, group and organizational learning and experience effect the area of creative thinking and innovation.

The purpose is to measure existing organizational cultures and how and why they create ideas along with the process or occurrence of what is referred to as innovation. These measurements will be in the areas of Innovation Methodology, Interconnections, Focus, Environment, Adaption and Resources. Many of your organizations will be different and if a particular question does not allow you to respond in a comfortable manner, please use the "other" box (where provided) to describe or explain your response.

I recognize this research instrument will take some time to complete, but I want to impress upon you the importance of taking your time and patience to do so.

Remember that there are no right or wrong answers, so please be honest about the environment you typically use for idea creation or innovation. This is not a race for completion, and I am not measuring the time it takes you to complete this survey/questionnaire.

Specific responses will not be distributed back to organizations. Therefore, your information will be held in the strictest of confidence but may be correlated for academic or professional journal publications. Trends, hypotheses, and suggestions will be created from the data and may be included in those publications.

Additionally, after completing all of the questions submit the survey by clicking the “Submit” button at the bottom of the instrument. This will pull up a second browser pop-up window asking you if you want to submit the information – please say “Yes” and you will have completed the survey.

©Innovation Cube survey


Personal Background
Survey Code (provided by Local Administrator)
First Name
Middle Initial
Last Name
Race (How you View Yourself)
Right/Left Handed
Job Title
Work Location
Company you are employed by
Type of Music Listened to in Free Time
Type of Movies Watched in Free Time
Do you Prefer to use Pens or Pencils?
Please give your definition of Innovation and describe its characteristics:
Company Background
How common is it for your company to give accross-the-board goals? (every dept. reduce costs by 12%, etc.)
How likely would it be for one dept (or division) to go over budget so another dept (div) could finish below budget?
How often are assignments given, and performance is assumed to be the function of only the assignee?
Does your company have a clear aim or purpose?
How easy is it to see who (what depts.) are upstream of you and who are downstream?
How easy is it to see how the actions of one dept. (division) affects other depts. (divisions)?


What type of group do you work in on a daily basis? Engineering R&D Production Other
How many members are in your work team?
Describe the personality of your group?
Is there a need for innovation or creativity in your work team? Yes Sometimes Never
How do you know when you have the right idea?
How do you know when to stop the creativity session?
What do you do if you have not come up with an idea?
How long has your group been together?
The greatest challenge facing today’s leaders is to? (Ctrl Click to pick more than 1)
How can leaders begin to develop and maintain an environment that promotes mutual trust and respect?
Which of the following represents your organization's interpretation of contingency rewarding employees?
How often do you follow the PDSA (Plan, Do, Study, Act) philosophy for Problem Solving Experiements?


Does your organization have a metaphor history which helps employees to learn about innovation?
No Yes (please give an example below)
Do you have a process innovation to better enable product innovation?
No Yes (please give an example below)
Which of these temptations brought on by innovation sucess describes your organization? (Ctrl Click to pick more than 1)


Who determines when creativity needs to happen in your work team most of the time?
Who leads or uses the creativity/innovation tools that your group uses?
How long do your creativity sessions last?
What time of day do they occur?
What day do they usually happen?
How often in a month do you & your team have creativity sessions?
What team members are present when you do your session? (Ctrl Click to pick more than 1)
What level of ideas are usually generated? (Level 1= minor adaptation Level 5 = change to physical science)
How many patents does your group submit for each year?
Do you write a formal Problem/Focus statement?
Do you need to refine your Problem/Focus statement?


Do you build upon each others ideas or are they separate thoughts?
What happens when you get a stupid idea?
What happens when you get a fun idea?
What type of environment do you use for idea creation?
Are the people in your work team naturally creative?
Do they take classes to learn creativity?
Where does the creativity come from? (Ctrl Click to pick more than 1)
How hard is it for your team to come up with ideas?
What do you do with the output of your idea generating session?


Do you allow beverages when you create ideas? (Ctrl Click to pick more than 1)
What snacks are available for idea creating sessions? (Ctrl Click to pick more than 1)
How often do you allow breaks?
Do you use multiple colors or one color?
Do you put the ideas up for everyone to see after the idea creating session?
Why do you display the ideas for others to see?
How do you document ideas after or during idea creation? (Ctrl Click to pick more than 1)
Is there a reward process for people who come up with ideas?
If you are rewarded what is the reward?
What type of creativity tools do you use?
What tools do you use to refine your Problem/Focus statement?


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©Innovation Cube is property of Fesserdorff Consultants